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About us

Cultural Exchange Bridge is a placement services company, which places its clients in best-in-class Internship, Trainee and Work & Travel programs. 

Founded in 2014, in the United States, Cultural Exchange Bridge now has 4 offices located in the US, Europe and Asia. To date we have successfully helped 1000s of exchange visitors on their journey to achieve their career and life goals.  


We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the hospitality sector to support the journey of their future managers and leaders at this early stage of their careers.  

Our Partners

A message from our founder...

Dear Exchange Visitor,  

I want to write you a short message to tell you something about us.  

Internships, Trainee and Work & Travel programs can be life changing experiences. For many of you this will be the first time that you are away from the protection of your family and the familiarity of your friends. Sometimes it will be tough, you will train hard, you will work hard, you will laugh, you may have moments when you find it difficult, you will make lifelong companions and friends. But most of all you will learn and you will grow. This journey will be transformative for you and set you on the path to a successful career in your chosen profession.  

Our role in this process is to support you so you can focus on what you need to focus on – your personal and professional development. We provide work permits through our trusted sponsor that is authorised by the Department of State of the United States (The Wise Foundation), Job placements for up to 12 months, health insurance, and housing assistance.  In addition to the core services, at no extra cost, we provide full visa application services, 24 / 7 support in the United States as well as cultural trips and events to help you familiarise with, and integrate into US culture.


Our mission is to transform lives, and we do this by providing opportunities to train at the top hotels, country clubs and resorts in the United States.  

Let your success be our success and join the 1000s of Cultural Exchange Bridge students who have taken this journey with us and gone on to find future success in a variety of industry roles.  


Cihan Keyif - Managing Director

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your way to a successful career 

3F3, 3 Comely Bank Terrace, Edinburgh EH4 1AT  UK 

0744 811 2993

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